Hi! This is Tianle Wang, prefer Thomas or Yorafa.

I graduated from the University of Toronto in June 2023 with an Honor Bachelor of Science degree. During my time at university, I pursued a double major in Mathematics & Its Applications Specialist (with a focus on Probability/Statistics) and Computer Science. My undergraduate studies exposed me to a wide range of fields, including but not limited to Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, Graph Theory, and Game Theory. Additionally, I delved into practical applications through courses in statistics and applied mathematics, such as Multivariate Data Analysis, Multiple Linear Regression, Time Series Analysis, and Stochastic Process Analysis. These courses equipped me with rigorous analytical and reasoning skills.

Due to my passion for computer science, I also took courses in introductory programming, mathematical expressions and reasoning in computer science, software design, computer organization, data structures, and analysis. This allowed me to gain proficiency in various programming languages, including Python, Java, and C, and I developed the ability to create a wide range of applications and software using these languages. Furthermore, I expanded my knowledge by studying courses related to machine learning and neural networks, acquiring skills in machine learning algorithms, deep learning models, and data analysis techniques. I believe these skills are valuable for solving complex problems, performing data analysis, and making predictions.

More about what I did see my experience.