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Courseworks && Projects


  • A web platform to track registered users' Leetcode statistics. Currently serving over 30 users.

  • Developed the frontend using React and Ant Design UI Library for an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

  • Handle post requests to Leetcode's GraphQL interface, retrieve and serialize user data by Node.js.

  • Hosted on GitHub, deploying it to GitHub Pages, and utilized GitHub Actions to trigger backend updates.


  • Developed a Restful API to handle actions on school courses by the Django REST framework.

  • Implemented user registration functionality, allowing users to create accounts and authenticate securely.

  • Utilized Django ORM to interact with the database and perform CRUD operations on course data.

Analysis of BERT and LSTM Based Models on Multi-label Coding Questions Classification

  • Validated models for the loyalty marketing industry; used SQL Server Management Studio to analyze client SQL scripts; calculated redemption rates and breakage rates; validated client’s results.

  • Valuated derivatives such as interest rate swaps and foreign exchange forward for the Canadian financial industry; valuated commodity swaps for the Canadian energy industry.

  • Extracted fix-float rate, foreign exchange rate, historical price, and future contract price of commodities independently using Bloomberg Terminal.

Web Server

  • Implemented a simple CGI(Common Gateway Interface) by C with Linux System Call to execute external programs to process HTTP/S user requests.

  • Deployed a local server using sockets and utilized sockets as clients for each request sent to the server.

  • Utilized the select and pipe to process multiple socket I/O requests in a single thread simultaneously.

Reverse Wordle

  • Implemented a program take status of Wordle and output all constraints and all possible initial trial words by C.

  • Implement tree-like structure which store word paths to a solution, initialize and free wisely without memory leak.

  • Read given input and dictionary and test through Linux script


  • Implemented a frogger game by MIPS Assembly, features following

  • Display the number of living remaining

  • Display a death/respawn animation each time the player loses a frog.

  • Have objects in different rows move at different speeds.

  • Add powerups to scene (slowing down time, score booster, extra lives, etc)

  • Two-player mode (two sets of inputs controlling two frogs at the same time)

Pokémon-like Word Game

  • Developed the game following the design concept of clean architecture and the principles of SOLID.

  • Utilized design patterns, such as Momento to implement Save/Load functionality.

  • Implemented the game's functionality using the Gson module to save and read game data.

  • Expanded the game's interface beyond the command line by utilizing the Swing module to create a GUI.

Game Collection Project

  • Implemented the game interface of a collection of small puzzles by the Pygame Module.

  • Utilized stack and queue by python list data type to implement DFS and BFS algorithms.

  • Developed a word ladder game that finds the shortest path with BFS algorithms.

  • Created a Sudoku game with BFS algorithm to generate and solve the puzzles and give hints.

  • Designed and implemented an expression tree game that evaluates mathematical expressions.